So, this last weekend we moved into a 4 bedroom Townhouse.  This was supposed to become the kids nesting house, but yet every time I asked their dad when we were moving the kids, I got an answer of "I don't know" which resulted in my last post...  We ended up setting up air mattresses … Continue reading Whoa…


Happy 14th Birthday!!!!

Happy 14th birthday to "Thing 2".  🙂  I cannot believe my 14 year old son is taller than me 😦 Actually, I'm quite happy he is taller than his mother; because "Thing 1" my only girl; is not. And "Thing 3" is coming up in the ranks.  He's ALMOST as tall as his mother and … Continue reading Happy 14th Birthday!!!!

This is it

This is the last day that my kids have with just their dad.  Tomorrow afternoon, their dad's fiance arrives from the Philippines. I am scared, I am nervous but most of all I pray that my children welcome her with open arms and treat her with respect. Please God, watch over my children through this … Continue reading This is it