Oh… My… G……

I received a text yesterday morning from my ex-husband.  It was a text unlike any other that I had from him before. 😲 We worked out a parenting schedule for this week.  I am one happy girl!  I pray that this is how things will be, with the idea that there might be some weeks … Continue reading Oh… My… G……


I’m beginning to think he doesn’t give a 💩

I decided it would be best to move the 'nesting house' back to the city where my kids attend school and have friends.  They have been living in the house my ex and I bought almost 2 years ago, and we transport them to and from school. But I have learned that the kids are … Continue reading I’m beginning to think he doesn’t give a 💩

It’s been a week

Since my kids soon to be step mother arrived from the Phillipines.   It's been...strange. My love and I met her last Friday, right before kiddo 4 & 5 soccer games. She also attended their games with their dad. She seems very shy, and out of sorts.  She's very short, and speaks English with a … Continue reading It’s been a week