I’m beginning to think he doesn’t give a 💩

I decided it would be best to move the ‘nesting house’ back to the city where my kids attend school and have friends.  They have been living in the house my ex and I bought almost 2 years ago, and we transport them to and from school.

But I have learned that the kids are not happy in the house.  They know no one, they have no friends because everyone they know lives in the other town just 15 min away.

So, after talking with their dad I made the executive decision to move them back. The townhome complex that my love has a 2 bedroom townhome in had a 4 bedroom one. His lease was up at the end of February, so it was perfect timing.

We signed the lease in December and I talked with my ex about the benefits of the nesting house moving. Kids can take the bus to and from, they have friends in the complex, and it’s convenient to Church obligations on Wenesdays.

I’ve been asking him since January, when we would be moving the kids things over and the response I get is “hell if I know”.

Now it’s the big move day for us, we’re moving all of the furniture across the street from the 2 bedroom to the 4 bedroom and I still have no answer from him.  Even my 14 year old son has asked and was told he didn’t know.

I’m seriously thinking their dad doesn’t want to do this nesting thing that he asked for to begin with… #birdnesting #timetochange 


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