ratsYou know, I can take a lot.  I’ve been through a lot.  But I draw the line when you bad mouth OUR kids to their face, and talk down to them.

Look, I get it.  You’re not quite happy that I actually stood up for myself and ended a horrible one sided relationship. I get it that I “upset the apple cart” and ruined YOUR perfect life of having a slave to take care of your kids, do your laundry and be your “sugar momma”.  I get it, your gravy train left and rather than take the blame for your mistakes you want to deflect it to me.

No biggie.  I get it.  I get that the new man in my life and I are the “power couple”.  I get that you think it’s cute when he and I spend quality time with the kids, and you call it “family time”.  Yes, it is family time.  Why?  Because he is going to be an intricate part of their lives and it is best if they all got along.

So the root of my gripe?  He is calling Thing 1 and Thing 2 rats.  Why you might ask?  vyuwvxbBecause he “never says things about me in front of our children”.  Oh, you don’t eh?  Well, then why call your own children Rat’s when they feel like you have said something that either I need to be made aware of, or that they’re worried about that you’re doing?

Seriously, can you just stop?  Can you focus on your young bride and your current five children and less on me and what my love and I are doing without you?  Be a dad to our kids and a husband to your new bride, and worry about your life and what your kids are thinking about you and less about me.

You want to know how quickly you can alienate your own flesh and blood?  Bitch at them for telling me things, and call them rats for doing something they feel they need to do.  I don’t bate them, I don’t ask them for info on you; but I now do ask if you’ve said things about me since I’m not there to defend myself.

You think I’m saying things about you to the kids?  You’re half right I am.  But want to know what the difference is between what I say to the kids about you vs. what you say to them about me?  MINE IS ALL TRUTH.  I don’t talk bad about you in front of the kids, I cite facts and follow that up with if you kids have a question about what I say, validate it with your dad.

I don’t go around mocking you and your young bride to the kids.  I do however lift your young bride up and listen to your kids tell me about how sweet she is to them.  So do me a favor, and MOVE ON!


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