f3ff5190c92a4215b860ec8ef1fffc5eI heard that my ex had an issue with me having my 14 year old son on his birthday.

He made a comment that he’s put out, because he’ll have to have fondue a week later since I had Thing 2 on his birthday.

Where’s my eye roll emoji?  Seriously, WTF?  You couldn’t have had Fondue with your son the day before his birthday when you had him?  You have to pitch a fit and whine because you have to wait a week?

First of all, did you even think to ask your son what HE wanted for HIS birthday?  Do you know for sure that he even wants Fondue?  Of course not.

I did ask him what he wanted.  Guess what, it WASN’T fondue…  It was Pizza.

And guess what else…  I don’t have Thing 3-5 on their birthdays this year. I didn’t have Thing 4 or 5 last year either.  Did you hear me complaining?  NOPE.  Know why?  BECAUSE I CELEBRATED THEIR BIRTHDAY BEFORE HAND WHEN I HAD THEM.

Thing 4 was celebrated the week before when I had him.  Thing 3 I NEVER will have on a weekend for his birthday, because it usually coincides with Father’s day weekend…

So get over yourself.  Quit trying to blame me for screwing up the kids by divorcing you.  This is life, the kids have adjusted just fine; but causing unnecessary stress for them by complaining about me does no one any good.



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