3e408c768e51ab3c754bdc8c020b51ebSo, Momma bear came out this week.  #1 attends college as a grad student.  She attended undergrad online at the University of Phoenix.  This is her first year at grad school, and essentially her first year away from home at 20 years of age.

She lives in an apartment on campus, because the university she is attending is so small that they don’t offer Grad housing.

That being said, she’s in a 4 bedroom apartment; but has her own room and shares a bathroom with one other roommate next to her.  This particular roommate came into the apartment a few weeks after school started, because she had issues with the roommate in the 2 bedroom apartment she had initially.

All three of the roommates in my daughter’s apartment are undergrad, but are close in age to her.  Flash forward from August until October-ish 2016.  My daughter became close to one of the other roommates in her apartment, and they both became close to another girl who lives in the dorms.

They tried including the girl who shares the bathroom with my daughter, out of kindness.  The other roommate has joined a sorority and is rarely hanging out with the girls.  So, the next door roommate gets into an argument with the outside friend and threatens my daughter and roommate #2 by telling them that if the outside friend is found in the apartment, she’s calling campus police.

So, the girls decided to keep the peace and have not had the outside friend over ever since.  If they decide to hang out, it’s at the outside friend’s dorm room.

This brings me to now.  The narcisistic roommate has been threatening my daughter more and more, and with the stress of grad school and needing to focus on studies; I’ve had enough.  My daughter is super sweet and doesn’t want confrontation; but I know this is killing her because she just wants to be left alone and this girl won’t quit.

Momma bear came out this week…  I called the apartment complex office and went through the motions to find out what recourse my daughter has and rights.  I ended up speaking with a very nice young man, who oversee’s the RA’s on campus.  I told him what’s been going on and how she’s making everyone’s life a living hell, threatening people and causing undo stress for my child.

eye-rollHe assured me that he would get this taken care of.  Come to find out, he spoke with my daughter and got her scoop and let her know that he’d be making an arrangement for a mediated talk with their RA.  This was on Tuesday.  So, Tuesday evening after the talk with the head of the RA’s; my daughter and the other roommate decided to stay at the outside friend’s apartment to avoid any conflict with the Narcisist roommate.

Yesterday my daughter messages me and tells me that apparently now someone in their apartment dropped a bag of coke in the living room by the front door.  She sent me a screen shot of the text message from the Narcisist roommate, validating the cockamamy story.

This morning she got a call from a University Police detective, asking her to come in and talk about the incident from yesterday.  I urged her to contact the head of the RA’s and let him know what was going on.  She tried, but he was in a meeting; so she went ahead and went in to meet the detective.  Long story short on that, they’re sending the bag of white powder off for testing to see what it really is.  They asked for my daughter to tell them what she knew about it and that’s when she decided to tell them about the harrasement from roommate #4.  They asked her for a written statement of the accounts.

After the meeting with the University Detective, she went over to talk with the head of the RA’s. He let her know that he was told something had happened on campus, but was not told what unit it was.  When she told him that it was her unit and what it was, he was just flabergasted.  The mediation meeting between the building RA and the three roommates is being canceled and they’re going to offer the Narcisist the option to either move out of the apartment or stay.  If she choses to stay, then they will waive the transfer fee for my daughter and the other roommate and move them both out.

stupid-peopleJust goes to show you that in life, stupid middle school drama doesn’t end.  😦  We spend all this time as kids and teens, hoping that when we make it to adulthood that the petty and stupid shit stops.  Got news for those youngins, it doesn’t.

Now I’m going to go and pop some corn and wait for the update from UPD and the housing office on  campus.

#narcisist #bully #drama #nobodyhastimeforthis


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