327cd24ebe8c62f1cd78ebf04e5aae80This was me this morning, after #3 had a major #autism #meltdown.  I don’t know who had it worse, him or me 😦

All over #5 singing or humming a tune in the car.  Then #4, who sits next to #5 added onto the song; and that REALLY set the wheeles in motion for the mega meltdown.

#3 sits in the very back, by himself because in general he hates everyone.  Okay, that’s a bit harsh; but the reality of it is he cannot stand his brothers but he loves them dearly.  Make sense?

I get so incredibly drained when #3 has an Autism meltdown.  Like I cannot function, I cannot think, I get panic attack or an anxiety attack because I’m now worried about how #3 is going to handle the day today.  Usually when he has a meltdown, he’s discombobulated the whole day.

Maybe now would be a good time to invest in a weighted blanket, or whatnot.  <sigh>

#autisticmeltdown #autism #draining #aspergers #ASD #parenting #copingskills #anxiety #panicattack #mom #divorce


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