How would you react?

Let’s suppose you are bird nesting with your ex.

Let’s suppose you mention to your ex that with life, kids, work and school; you don’t have time to mow the front yard. So you let your ex know (because they have child responsibilities this week) that you have a lady coming to mow the yard on Monday and that you’re not going to be home so you’ve put her pay in a baggie on the counter in the kitchen.

To which the response you get from your ex is one of you not knowing that there are capable people there to do the job.

To which you reply letting them know that you’ve hired someone and reaffirm that they are coming on Monday at 6 pm. Since they have the kids, and you won’t be home, you’ve left the money on the counter top in the kitchen.

Let’s suppose that it’s Sunday and your asking your kiddo, who of which spent the night at a friend’s house the night before, how their evening was. You get a response a while later, apologizing because he was mowing the yard…

To which you find out that your ex has told him to mow the yard, after you’ve already told him the day before that someone is coming that you’re paying for, and proceeds to PAY YOUR SON WITH YOUR MONEY EARMARKED FOR SOMEONE ELSE!

In a hypothetical situation such as this one, what would your reaction be?


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