Straight outta Cebu
Straight outta Cebu, via Mactan Island, Philippines.

My daughter informed me last night, that my ex-husband’s fiance received her fiance visa.  My ex-husband has apparently purchased her flight, and she is set to arrive in Dallas on September 21st.

I CALLED IT!!!!  I said she would be here by my birthday, and she’ll be here 3 days before!

I’m not sure how to process it all.  The rumor is that they’re going to get married pretty soon after she arrives in Texas.  She wants my daughter to be a witness, and since we moved her down to the coast for school; they’ll have to go to her to get married.

They’ll have to be married by December 21st or she get’s deported back to her home country.  I really do wish that my ex-husband would think long and hard about what he’s doing.  This is going to impact my children, and throwing them into a new family without even knowing her is scary.


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