To give you a little background on my ex…he’s cray. He seems to think that every woman he talks to wants him. I’m not joking.

My kids tell me that when it’s their dad’s weekend and they get picked to go grocery shopping with him, IF a girl or woman talks to him he goes overboard with the flirting.  Drives my kids nuts.

So last week I heard through the grapevine that the company he works for sent him to a sorority to fix a water machine.

Next thing I know, my kiddo is texting me telling me that there is now a “missed connections” ad on Craigslist. Rather than bore you with the story, imma let you read along.

Looks cute right? I mean she’s 20, tall and single. Here’s the kicker… my ex husband has a peculiar typing style. He likes to put spaces between punctuation marks. Like this . Drove me crazy ! Still does !!

So now I ask that you please go back and re-read what the picture above states…

Now ask yourself, what 20 year old girl uses Craigslist? What would a 20 year old, female, co-ed want with a creepy ass 51 year old man THAT’S OLD ENOUGH TO BE HER DAD…

Our oldest child IS 20!

#notmymonkeynotmycircus #heisbringingovera25yearoldgirlfromthephillipines #stilllookingatotherwomen #youcannotteachanolddognewtricks #hischildbrideisinforawildride


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