One year ago today, my life would change for the better. My good friend from high school had previously gone through a divorce a few years before me. When I was about to finish mine, she recommended that I seriously consider a subscription to eharmony. Best advice ever!

I had tried those “other” dating sites online.  They were just chalk full of asshats and douchebaggery.

I would have friends and acquaintances question why I wanted a serious relationship right after my divorce. They all told me to go and have fun while I can.

Truth is, I’d been in a loveless marriage for the past 8 years prior to my divorce being finalized, that I’d been living single and was ready to find someone to love that would love me in return.

Now let me clarify… I was single in the fact that I had no love in my life.  My ex husband stopped having any intimacy with me for years; and yet I stayed faithful to my vows. Him…not so much. Craigslist chat boards, random calls and texts to his phone and I kept on being stupid…

But enough about my past.

A year ago, I would find myself sitting across the table from the man who would change my life and show me what it feels like to really be loved. Our date lasted over 3 hours! At the end, he will tell you that I gave him a peck and ran.  😝 It wouldn’t be until October when our paths would cross again and he’d ask me out for a second first date. He wasn’t quite ready in July and I wasn’t quite ready either.

I am so happy that I paid the money for that subscription to Eharmony and listened to my friends sound advice. I love you, and I look forward to a long future together with you.


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