I think he’s looking at rings!!!

We took the kids to a  Watermellon Thump today. They had a blast.  It was their first time at a carnival. Yeah, I know… my ex was very controlling. Because he didn’t like something, all of us had to suffer. 😦

Anyway, I got all four boys on the Ferris wheel and on three other rides. They had a blast.

My two little’s even got on a mini coaster and you could hear kiddo #5 squealing with delight. It was amazing.

So we get back to the apartment to hang out and so my daughter and I could do homework.  While I was working on a discussion post for school, I hear my 11 year old ask my love what he’s doing (he sitting across the table from me on his laptop).

I am half listening to the conversation, trying to read a boring excerpt from a book when I hear #3 say, “oh you’re looking at watches?” To which my boyfriend replies “No, those are not watches.”


#proposaliscoming #icannotwait #ithinkwereplanningaweddingsoon



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