When you know your boyfriend really cares about you…

I started back at the gym on June 2nd. I’m trying to drop some lbs before two back to back weekends of attending weddings.

#dressgoals #julyweddingplusone #wannabearmcandy

I’m watching what I’m eating,  carefully. I work through lunch,  so I bring something to eat. I started using slim fast type shakes.  I drink one on the way to the gym,  and then have the other for lunch.  My main meal is dinner, and it’s usually a small portion or just one helping.

Tonight,  while I was getting ready for bed my boyfriend was hugging me and made a comment about me needing to make sure that I’m eating enough.

When I’m at the gym, I’m averaging a calorie burn of 425. The meal replacement shakes are 180 calories each.

He even went so far as to show me how many calories I’m actually consuming when you factor in my calories burned at the gym, and I was a little shocked.  One day I really only consumed like 800 calories, and that was being conservative.

My ex husband was never concerned about how many calories I was consuming. What a 360.


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