Oh. My. God.

That’s it!  I have finally figured out that feeling I have in the pit of my stomach.  I now understand and I now know what it means to be in love.  To love unconditionally.  To want to be by his side.  To wake up next to him.  To laugh with him.  To cry with him.  To feel his touch.  I am so deep in love, I don’t want to spend anymore time without him. I want to take his last name, and create an amazing partnership for life.

I thought I was in love before, I thought that’s what it was.  It wasn’t.  This feeling… This feeling I have now, is addicting.  I’ve never experienced this before.

I. Am. In. LOVE and there is nothing better than feeling that love coming back to me. 😀

Today, we had to go deliver chairs to my friend’s bar.  They have an event tonight with Alpha Rev (giddy, I got to listen to them during sound check).  My love brought my 5 folding chairs and then we drove over.  While we were upstairs bringing up the chairs and listening to the band, we were talking about how loud it was inside.

I jokingly said “Yeah, so loud you can’t hear people asking questions”.  He looked at me and I said (softly) “Will you marry me?”.

He smiled really big at me, didn’t answer me 😉

I quickly said “See, can’t hear anything in here when the band is playing.”  Ha ha ha ha ha!  He knew what I said originally 😉


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