Happy Father’s day 😊

I surprised my boyfriend with linner this afternoon with his boys and their wives/girlfriends.

We met the boys at the Gristmill in Gruene, TX. Had a wonderful meal and just enjoyed the day.

The girlfriend of one of his sons snapped a picture of us, or so I thought it was one…  Turns out she was sneaky and caught us smooching.  ❤  That one is my absolute favorite! 💑💏👫😍

After linner, we went to Buc-ees and his kids ended up there too.  If you haven’t been to a Buc-ees, you haven’t lived!

Buc-ees’ is a gas station megaplex!


Anyway, after his kids left we headed to the candy isle to pick up a few things for my kids.

My love grabbed a bag of fruit slices and I asked him if he wanted salt water taffy again, or something different. He hesitated to answer, and suggested Boston Baked Beans.  We checked out and got in the car to head home.

I told him that I loved him, he said “oh, I love you so very much”. I replied, “oh you do, eh?” He said “very much so that it took every bit of strength not to ask you to marry me back in the candy Isle of Buc-cees”.


Literally my face… I was speechless.  So I asked him what made him stop.  He said that first, he doesn’t have a ring yet.  Second, that my daughter would kill him.  Third, how romantic would it sound when I tell my story about how he proposed and it went like this:

“Honey, do you want salt water taffy or something else?”
“Will you marry me?”


I told him that the ring doesn’t make a difference to me, and he could ask me while throwing up and I’d still say yes 😊

So we shall see!  I told him about my 13 year old sons prediction of him asking me on our trip to NYC.  Steve said that won’t happen, because he wants to honor my daughter and have her there.

I asked if he’d be introducing me to his family at the wedding as his fiance and he said he wants to, but it’ll be as his future fiance. I threw in he could’ve gone for the Deadpool ring and given me a ring pop.  💁

Damn… I HATE waiting.


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