Two big things happened yesterday!!!  No, he didn’t propose. 😞

First… Yesterday was my first day of college in 24 years, and so far so good!  😄 I’m enrolled at the University of Phoenix and I’m finally getting my Bachelor’s in Communications! Pray for me… I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into.

Second… Monday evening at dinner, my love and I were talking to the kids about us getting married. 3/5 kids had already approved. One of those 3 seemed to think that if we get married were having more children.  Nope .. sorry 5 is my personal limit and 3 is my love’s for a combined 8.

My youngest is toooooooooo young to understand what is going on about marriage, but I know he approves of my love because every day my love comes home; #5 runs to tell me that “He’s home! Now go give him a kiss!” Challenge. Accepted.  I have to wait in line though, #5 has to greet him first with a hug and a kiss. 😍

That leaves my 11 year old, high functioning Autistic son. For some reason, he was under the impression for a while before that I was going to get back with his dad. 😂 Once I let him down easy a few months back, that moved to him not approving of me marrying my love if we got to that point.

This brings us up to Monday night. My 11 year old was participating in our discussion and so I asked him if he still didn’t approve. He stopped and asked my love and I if we got married did that mean we would have more babies?

I had to explain to my son that mommy cannot have any more babies, and that we have just enough as it is. Telling him that our family was complete and that bringing another child into our family would be nice, but not fair to all our children. He breathed a HUGE sigh of relief and gave us his blessing.

Last night at dinner, I pulled my 11 year old aside and asked once more to make sure he was okay.

He gave me his blessing 😄🤗


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