Can’t say anything nice?

23234254What do you do when your ex talks trash about you in front of or around ear shot of your children?

I called him out on it on Sunday even.  Told him that the kids have been telling me the things he’s saying about me, about Steve and about us when we have the kids for the weekend.

He back peddled and tried to spin it like it was the kids talking trash about me to him.  Saying how every time they talked bad about me, he deflected it.  <insert eye roll here>

Not the same thing…  If they’re talking about me with their own opinion, that’s a totally different story than if they were telling me about the shit you said about me behind my back.

So, I asked for him to stop.  Didn’t yell, Didn’t raise my voice, just said please stop saying things in or around the kids.

Did he stop?  Nope…  Heard from 2/5 kiddos last night that he’s still talking smack.

Not sure at this point in time what to do, other than to document so I can fight his ass in the court system.


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