Need to tune my intuition

Okay,  okay I’ll stop…. I know he’ll propose when I least expect it.  But I have to say,  this last Saturday night proposal was on point.


It was raining, coming down good. But we hiked up the cliff and I got a few good pictures.


It didn’t help any that my friend was giving my love shit because he was proposing before he did.  😜

I secretly hoped it was going to be happening to me,  but I think he knows that I’m looking for it.

Like this Saturday for example. My daughter is graduating from the University of Phoenix with her Bachelors in Communications.  My parents are coming to celebrate.  That would give my love prime opportunity to ask for my father’s blessing.  🤗

Then, Memorial weekend were headed to visit his daughter.  I believe those were the two conditions he had mentioned that needed to be met.  💁

Okay, enough over analysing… NOT 😆


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