Things I thought I’d never say to my ex #4839

So, my boyfriend is downsizing.  Moving from a large house, temporarily into a small apartment while he prepares to build a house later this year.

Bonus #1 – The apartment is 10 minutes closer to me

Bonus #2 – The apartment is our go to place when it’s our kid free weekend, and I’m just close enough to my kids should they need me.

Bonus #3 – Its in the school district my kids have been in since 2007, and after I bought my current house last July with the Ex (so we could ‘bird nest’), we ended up out of district. Would Steve in the apartment, my kids are now in district again 🤗

Yesterday, my ex was asking how the move went two weeks ago.  I explained that we still have stuff that needs to go to his storage unit, and he actually offered to help us move the items this weekend. 😳


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