I think we’re making progress!!!

So my love mentioned over this past weekend that we have some traveling to do.  I recently out in my two weeks notice from an amazingly horrible job, and the new job starts the beginning of May.

He asked me if the new job was going to allow vacation/PTO and they do (unlike the old job that didn’t offer ANYTHING until you’d been there for 15 months…

When I asked why, he stated because we have traveling to do.  I replied “oh, you your cousins wedding this July?”. He said yes to that and added in “and to visit my daughter”.

I asked when he was thinking we would even have the time, because this month we’ve been moving him into an apartment closer to me.  Next month is booked with his youngest sons birthday on Mothers day, Mothers day, my oldest child is graduating from college (at 20 with her bachelor’s, and headed off in August for her masters program 💁), and then my youngest turns 4 the end of May.

So I asked if he was thinking around August or September, and he said no maybe June


I have a sneaky suspicion that something will be happening soon! 😊


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