Keep your enemies close, but what about your ex?

I have a wonderful relationship with my kids.  I’ve always been available for them, always made it to all their school functions (when I could, before I had to get a job last year to support them and myself).

My kids tell me everything, well almost everything… Sometimes it takes them a while to tell me things, because I believe they are sorting things out for themselves.  For example, when their dad tells them lies about me, about me and Steve, or some weird thing; they will fact find before they come to me.  It’s not like one of those “dad said xxxx is that true?”

What I get is a little while later, they share with me things their father has said. Most interesting nugget of information that I have received thus far is the fact that he has resorted to calling my boyfriend Yoko Ono.

They couldn’t figure out why, until I told them what Yoko Ono did to The Beatles. 😂

I can’t make this stuff up!


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