What the ….

Sunday I came back to the nest, after the kids had spent the weekend with their dad. Few minutes after I arrived back home, my ex-husband decided to become very chatty with me. We talked about this and that, I asked him how his fiancee was doing. The topic of discussion quickly changed to my ex-husband being a man of his word.

During the divorce and after, he would always pose the question of “what happens if several months from now you change your mind and decide you want me back?”

I told him multiple times when this question came up, that I was done. That  scenario was NOT taking place, but he kept pushing for me to answer him.  I would give him the same answer every time.  I. Am. Done. I even told him that I would be dating.

So this past Sunday he informed me that, that was the reason why he waited to go to the Philippines to meet his girlfriend until this past January. I think his now fiancé is going to have issues when she gets here just like I did with his wandering eye…


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