I never noticed until recently just how unfeministic my views were. I always tried to do everything in my last marriage.  I always served him,  always did everything for him,  I was replacing his mother; I was not being his wife.

I knew about my bad habit, but no matter how hard I tried to stop it; the damage was done. Seemed like every time I tried to stop being his mother, I would end up being suckered back into it.

Flash forward to my new relationship. He’s polar opposite, and what a breath of fresh air too. He’s been coming over for dinner recently and I’ve had to learn how to do things for me, and not for him.

Sounds strange right? Let me give you an example. I would always plate the food for dinner, for seven people. I would serve everyone together at the same time, with the same portion sizes (smaller for the Littles though). After dinner, most of the time I would clean up the plates from the table. Typical June Cleaver stuff…

Steve interjected one night a while back and asked me why I don’t serve everything at the table, let everyone serve themselves and I didn’t have a good answer… So I began trying that route,  and it is working out nicely. Except for the fact that I’m still cleaning up the table…

Baby steps. 😉

The thing I love the most about my new relationship with Steve? The fact that he is letting me be me, not hoping that I can fill his mother’s shoes.

Moral of my post, you can teach an old dog new tricks:)


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