Oh oh here he comes, he’s a man-ther

A few years back, when I was married and not yet at the separation stage, we had a neighbor who would come over and hang out occasionally on our driveway with us.

She would occasionally talk about several of the neighbor men and how they were openly flirting with her. How it made her uncomfortable and whatnot.

My now ex, would get butt hurt afterwards because he wasn’t in the mix of neighborhood married men flirting with her. I’d chuckle and tell him he just wasn’t her type.  I was wrong… It wasn’t that he wasn’t her type, it was the other way around.

Throughout my marriage, I would constantly hear about all these younger women, just about throwing themselves at him. If you talked to my ex, it just about sounded like he was getting between 4-8 phone numbers a day from women.

Once the divorce happened, and he started openly dating (instead of dating behind my back while we were married), I noticed a pattern.

With the exception of a small few (I’m talking maybe 2), every woman he was talking to on the various dating sites were all younger than me. I am nine years younger than him, and I think the average age of the women he was dating were around 12+ years younger than he is.

He is now engaged, and his fiancé is 26 years younger than him.

Twenty-six . . .

Half his age, plus a year. He is 50. She is 24.  Our oldest child is 20…

#manther #whatcouldtheypossiblyhaveincommon

So it wasn’t a matter of him not being the neighbors type, it was a matter of her not being young enough.


2 thoughts on “Oh oh here he comes, he’s a man-ther

  1. Living in a college town, there is quite a bit of this going on here. The university is 67% female, so the whole town population skews young and female. So older guys are running into 18-24 year olds all the time. Older women are in a lurch because they get very little expressions of interest due to the Paradox of Choice and bias to younger is better. Older guys also generally have stories about dating these younger women and finding it not good being unable to relate to someone so young.

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    1. Ditto here. There are multiple Universities here in my area, and I know that I competed against a lot of that while married to him. What cracks me up is that instead of trying to find someone local, he chose to find a girl 8,000 + miles away in the Philippines. You can’t shake a stick here without hitting a young woman, it’s just hilarious. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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