Blast from the past

This past September, I took my  daughter and her friend to the Pecan Street festival in downtown Austin. 

It’s a huge art festival, with yummy food, live bands, artists across every medium you can think of and street performers. 

As we were leaving, we came up to a tarot card reader. As a Catholic, I was brought up to not have my cards read/get my fortune told/play with a ouija board. 

I live life on the edge… I played with a ouija board at a high school slumber party (and was freaked out). So my daughter and I decided to get our cards read. I mean, it’s just for fun right?

I don’t remember everything this man said, but I do remember his last statement to me. 

He said that what I went through in my past, conditioned me for the present, which had me on the path to something great in the future. He saw me meeting someone, starting a new relationship and that all the steps that I had taken up to then, were preparing me for something big. 

Little did I know, what he said would somewhat come true. I have been through a lot with a 20 year marriage that ended, to two kiddos being diagnosed as high functioning Autistic, to selling a house and buying a new one, to praying for an intercession in dating and a wonderful man coming into my life. 

The best is yet to come!

#neverstop #changeisgood #feelslikeadream


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