Shot gun wedding, sort of

My daughter informed me that her dad is planning on marrying his fiancee when they step onto US soil.

There’s a problem with his plans though…, our state has a three day cooling off period from getting your marriage license to when you can legally wed.

I haven’t had the opportunity to break the news to him… BUT I did find out that he ‘could’ stop in Vegas on his way home with his fiancé and they don’t have a waiting period.

Actually, my love found that out this weekend. He was telling me about it and I was dozing off (he let me take a nap… Yeah, he’s real too). Next thing I know, my love is proposing to me… In my dream 😩

We’ve actually talked about a future together. It’s so foreign how comfortable I feel with him, we go together well on many levels and I’ve had friends even comment about how we just seem like we’ve been dating for years. Yeah, it’s crazy.

Anyway, this past Friday my love actually asked how I felt about a road trip to meet his daughter. 😳

He has stated that he would like me to meet her before anything is discussed. I wasn’t anticipating that really happening. I figured me meeting his daughter would be in a year from now at best.

Now I’m at the point where I don’t want to be THAT girl and ask when he’s planning on a road trip… 💁🏻

I guess little Ms. Impatient has to just wait. (Psssssst… I dislike waiting). 😤


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