Where’s my puke emoji?

My ex husband and I are “Facebook friends”.  I use ‘friend’ lightly. He’s a stalker, I’m a blocker.

He’s always Facebook stalking my profile. I have him set up so I don’t see his post. Apparently something failed yesterday and I saw a post that he made to his fiancé.

It’s lifted from the pages of the interwebs… 🙄

He’s leaving her sweet nothings on her Facebook page, too bad they’re not original from the heart quotes.

Your smile sets ripples

Across the calm waters

As my soul takes a plunge

Into the sea of feelings

Feeling the warmth

That embraces me

I can see myself in the reflection

of your heart

Scattering the colors of love

Your smile always

welcomes me.
I love you  !

Have I told you that he’s 50, and she’s 24?

Where’s my puke emoji?


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