Slight detour

After waking up to the smell of bacon, and my loves mother fixing a delicious breakfast, she mentioned to his father that I had never been out east and asked if he could take us to their state Capitol building.

En-route to the Capitol, we ran over a big hunk of metal that had fallen off of a trash truck. Unfortunately, both right tires made impact.

We waited for about an hour and a half for a tow truck to come get the car, and my loves sister to come and rescue us.

We didn’t have time to make it to the Capitol and back to retrieve our luggage before our flight, so we went to downtown Wake Forest instead.

What an adorable little downtown!

I’ve really enjoyed my time here, loved meeting my love’s family and I have been invited back out WITH my kids!

Made it to the airport with 20 minutes before boarding began (there was a lady that had to be patted down about 20 people ahead of us, ended up putting the wand thing to her palms, made us late).

We’re apparently on a full flight to DFW, and were in a three to a row seat. Sounds like fun! #not I’m glad that at least he and I are sitting next to each other.

Hang on babies, I’m coming home!


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