Shake, rattle and don’t roll!

We just touched down in DFW, arrived late and have to get from the A terminal to the C terminal in 20 min 😐

I just remembered why I don’t like flying AA. This flight served us a full can of soda, but no snacks. Every time I have flown into DFW, my connecting flight is clear across the airport. 🙄

When we left Raleigh, it was cloudy and just starting to drizzle. Apparently, we flew into several storms on the way to DFW.  

At one point I was watching lightening from above the clouds. It was beautiful!

And then the turbulence became worse. We were shaking pretty good, and then the plane dropped 😳 It was a significant drop too. Scared the 💩 out of me. 

My love was sandwiched between me and another lady, I’m squeezing his hand hard; the lady on his left is gripping their arm rest. She popped forward after we settled in again, and stated that she was thoroughly freaked out. 

My love went to pilot school in the air force. He was un-phased. 

 Hopefully the flight to Austin will be smoother and less crowded. 🙏🏻


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