Traveling, on a jet plane

So my guy and I are traveling this weekend to North Carolina. This  was the first time I have been in a plane in 20 years 😳

My love got us upgraded to first class 💁🏻 That is by far the best way to travel!  Tons of room, not packed like sardines.

The flight here was nice, weather was beautiful. We flew into Raleigh, because his parents graciously opened up their house for us to stay at while we visited.

The area is just beautiful. Tall, thin pine trees. It reminded me of the mountains I visited as a child in Southern California.

I just about met my loves entire family in this visit 😳 His brother and sister-in law even traveled down and stayed Friday night (not for me, but enroute to visit a kiddo in college in another city).

At this point, I’ve met my loves parents, siblings, and 2/3 kiddos. I’d say things are going well 👊🏻


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