So long, until we meet again 

This morning, I woke up to the smell of coffee brewing downstairs. 

Last night, I fell asleep to the smell of bread baking. I’ve been told that my loves mother is making HOMEMADE Chicken pot pie for dinner 😍

We drove two hours this morning to say farewell to my Uncle Steve, who passed away on Ash Wednesday after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. 

The services were in an adorable, small Catholic Church in the town of New Bern.

St. Paul’s Catholic Church
 The services were sweet, the inside of the church is small. Must have had like 20-30 people attend. 

I cried, my aunt cried, others did too. It was a sweet service for a great guy, and they even had taps played along with two men from the US Army who presented my Aunt with a flag. I have never seen an honor guard present before. It was a tear jerking experience. Beautiful. 

Afterwards, we walked down two blocks to this quaint restaurant.  I later found out that this building is where they originally bottled Pepsi-cola! 


They have turned it into a two story restaurant. We were about to head upstairs, when my Aunt’s daughter noticed this man who was sitting in a booth, that looked just like my late Uncle!


 It was the craziest thing ever! We all went upstairs for a delicious lunch and I got to spend time reminiscing with my Aunt about my Uncle Steve. 

She even put together this cork board full of pictures, some I had never seen before. I loved seeing the pictures of my Papa and Nana and my Auntie M (all who’ve passed away) and it was so nice to have them remembered during the services too. 

Farewell Uncle Steve!  Until we meet again!  Say hello to Nan, Pops and M for me!


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