Oil changes? What are those?

So, last weekend my car started making a funny noise. I thought for sure something was wrong with my engine. Noise continued all this week, so I finally dropped it off this morning.

When I called to check in on it around 3 pm I was told, of course, that when they test drove it they couldn’t get it to make the noise it was making. So, the manager offered to scope it out for me.

He calls me back 15 minutes later and says to me that he didn’t “test drive” it, but rather they put it up in the bay and drove it. He was able to get it to make the noise that I had told them about this morning (have you ever popped your car accidentally or on purpose into Neutral and stepped on the gas, that’s the sound it was making occasionally shifting from 1st to 2nd gear).

Turns out, I had absolutely NO OIL… So, instead of an unknown amount to fix my engine; I’ll be out around $70 for an oil change… No leaks, but I’m guessing it’s been a while since I’ve changed my oil…


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