A prayer worth trying 

I found myself feeling a pull back to my faith. It’s been very strong lately, and I have toyed with the idea of trying another type of church. 

Today I found myself searching for prayers for those who are lonely. That’s when it hit me, I am so incredibly lonely.

Being Catholic, I went back to my roots and started looking for a patron saint of single people, lonely people and divorced people.

I came across a web page devoted to St. Ann.  She is the patron saint of un-wed people. The web page is run by a married couple who had also prayed this novena. 

I figured what the heck. I started it today. I also made sure that I was pretty descriptive as to what I was asking St. Ann to intercede on my behalf. 

I’ve got 8 more days to go. Let’s see what happens. 

Oh, and what did I ask for? I asked for God to heal my lonely heart. I asked that if he could, please introduce me to a nice practicing Catholic man.  I asked that he have children of his own that are a major part of his life. I asked that this man understands that I also have children and that he understands that they are priority number 1 for me. Lastly, I asked that any man he brings into my life will love me for who I am, not what he thinks he can make me into. 

They’re are a lot of unrealistic men (and women) out there and let’s face it; I’ve been blessed with 5 kids. I’m not rocking the supermodel body.. I’m a little fluffy 😉
Let’s see how this novena plays out. 


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